Self Care

Have you ever felt defeated by problems? 

Do you feel as though you are lost in your own world? 

You don’t have to be perturbed as there is definitely a way out of every situation!

No doubt, when we are presented with unpleasant situations, we often in a bid to undauntedly conquer failure, pay more attention to the problem and a little less to ourselves. By doing this, we inadvertently disregard the key to solving the problems and may often times create more problems in addition.

Sometimes the key to solving a problem is a little less worry and a little more attention to what really matters.

At the end of the day” we” are all that really matters and just as it is said – “a sound mind makes the best of decisions”; it is advisable to take some time to refurbish ourselves in order to avoid getting burned out.

 Self care is a necessity in an individuals overall performance.

What you need to know is this – When problems get to you, stress becomes inevitable and when you allow stress on the other hand get to you, it becomes a disease. Stress have been repeatedly reported to be a major part of some physical health conditions, not to mention the emotional and mental instability that may result. 

Trying so hard to live a balanced life, striving to juggle through your responsibilities, duties, obligations and problems all at the same time may not be the best of options. These probably compounds stress.

Here are a couple of ideas to help you stay stable: 

• Learn to churn your responsibilities or problems out one at a time – it eases stress. 

• There is need to prioritize your responsibilities, let go of some if the need arises – Do not focus on balancing all at the same time. 

• Create a quiet time for yourself, when you could just relax (body and mind), meditate and probably reflect on some decisions you have made.

• Learn to discipline yourself to observe some form of unwinding when you feel stressed out – go on weekend getaways, utilize your vacations. 

• Discover your magic – what works for you and enables you to relax. It could be taking a long walk, reading a book, doing yoga etc. 

• Stay positive always – take sometime to talk to yourself, speak positive affirmations to yourself, remind yourself of how strong you are and how much of an achiever you are! 

Bottom line –

Never let problems or responsibilities outweigh your ability to relax! You may end up loosing ” Yourself” along the line. 

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